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About MyPetsWelcome

MyPetsWelcome is where you discover and connect with your pet-friendly community. Meet pet parents locally and around the world. Discover pet-friendly homes, businesses and services available – right in your neighborhood and beyond. Receive trusted pet-related news, information, service recommendations and pet deals. Give, and get help with your pet(s) from trusted local pet parents and connections.

The reality is “pets help bring communities together.” Building valued connections is much easier with pets. Our guiding principle is to provide more access for pets and pet parents and bring pet-friendly neighborhoods closer together.

We believe that by bringing pet-friendly neighbors together, we can help cultivate stronger communities, locally and around the world.

MyPetsWelcome is completely free for pet parents and pet-friendly housing, businesses and services to join.

MyPetsWelcome is currently available in:

    • Australia
    • Canada
    • The United Kingdom 
    • The United States

 While we don’t have a timeline for launching in other countries just yet, we do hope to bring MyPetsWelcome to neighborhoods around the world in the future.


We recommend using one of the below browsers which are fully supported for full access to MyPetsWelcome.

You can access MyPetsWelcome on the internet using browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge.


MyPetsWelcome works best on the latest supported version of a browser. If you use MyPetsWelcome on older versions of these browsers, or on browsers not listed above, you may be unable to use parts of MyPetsWelcome.

MyPetsWelcome is privately funded since 2018.

We’ve always believed there is tremendous opportunity and value connecting pet parents with the pet-friendly businesses and services they need – Locally and around the world.

MyPetsWelcome is unique and free to pet parents and pet-friendly businesses to connect. We’re an incredibly efficient organization with an easy-to-use, self-serve platform. We offer sponsored advertising to help generate the revenue we need to create a sustainable business. You will see some displayed sponsored content from small to national pet-centric businesses who we believe have valuable pet-friendly businesses and services to share with your pet community. 

Protecting your privacy is critical for preserving the trust you have with us. Participating local and national businesses will not have access to your private communications. You may additionally choose what information is available and displayed on your pet(s)s public profile. To learn more, please see our Privacy Policy.

MyPetsWelcome’s advertising practices.

MyPetsWelcome is supported by advertisements and sponsorships. Advertisers and sponsors are how we’re able to ensure the platform is free for members and local pet-friendly businesses and services.

Who can advertise?
We are a pet-centric platform. Local and national pet-friendly housing, businesses and services are able to advertise with MyPetsWelcome, as long as the organization includes benefits for pets and pet parents, and abides by our Ad Policy.

You may see ads in the main newsfeed, emails, in-app suggestions and in the For Sale and Free section. These ads are clearly marked as “Sponsored.” You can explore each ad type in more detail here.

Why you may see the same ad or advertiser?
Seeing the same ad multiple times is not uncommon and is a natural part of the ad serving process. Some advertisers hope to reach pet parents more often than others. Ad frequency does not violate our Ad Policy, so there is no need to report an ad that has been shown multiple times. 

How can I report an ad that I believe is in violation of MyPet sWelcome’s Ad Policy?

If you see an ad that you feel violates MyPetsWelcome’s Ad Policy, please take a screenshot of the ad and contact us. We take these reports very seriously and will respond to your concern as soon as possible.

Ads that are irrelevant or repetitious do not violate MyPetsWelcome’s Ad Policy and should not be reported.

How can my pet-friendly business advertise on MyPetsWelcome?
It’s in our name! Are “MyPetsWelcome”? If the answer is yes or you provide pet products and services for the well-being of my pet – Your business can join, communicate and advertise. There are many free and paid opportunities to advertise on MyPetsWelcome. You can find a list of business advertising options here. We look forward to working with you.

To learn more about your personal privacy choices and how to manage your preferences, please review MyPetsWelcome’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

You can access our member agreement, here.

If you have questions or concerns about our Member Agreement, please contact us here.

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