Retail Store Connections That Convert

Revill Apps promotes Shopping Local! We helps local businesses harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing so they can reach where their customers are – online and in their community. Promote and grow your business with powerful built-in mobile features and revenue tools.

Your neighbors are already looking for the right local places to shop.

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Where all Pets R Welcome

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Neighbors are more likely to walk to your store

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Make it easy to find and connect online

Get results that matter to your business

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is undeniable. 75% of customers are impacted by the suggestions from their fellow neighbors, friends and family.

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Get powerful features and revenue tools for any budget and busy schedules

Reach a new source of hyper-local customers. Show them you’re ready for their business. Fom healthy foods to innovative pet products.

Business pages that convert

Help locals get to know your business and the businesses in your community App. Connect instantly with neighbors and build your reputation.

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Employee & customer profiles

Employees can have profiles and separate administrator functions, communications and more.. Safe communication with potential and existing customers.

Turn on the ChatR™

ChatR™ gets your existing customers talking to potential customers and generating sales. Promote a referral program and watch your sales grow.

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Supplier and service provider profiles

Your community can have unlimited profiles types. Company staff and customers will appreciate the extended services offered in your community.

Community News & Posts

Share customer photos, local industry news and updates about new innovations in your specific line of business. Build trust and grow your network of customers.

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Looking for large-scale, national reach? We have the tools for you.

Fill out the form and get started. Pricing is available at all levels of users. Save on developement costs, It’s all ready in 3 weeks.

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