We believe in the strength of community.

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Racism has no place on MyPetsWelcome.

We do encourage neighborly discussions about racial justice and anti-racism efforts. We believe strong and resilient communities should feel safe, welcoming, and inclusive for neighbors of all backgrounds. That’s the world we at MyPetsWelcome want to help build.
So how can neighborhoods drive positive change while standing united against racism? Here are some resources to help spark local conversations and actions.

MyPetsWelcome's racism & discrimination prevention efforts

Beyond our policies, we employ strategies & tactics to make MyPetsWelcome inviting for everyone. See timely updates on how we’re aligning intentions with action in our commitment to diverse communities on MyPetsWelcome’s anti-racism updates page.

MyPetsWelcome’s racism, discrimination & hate speech policies

We have a strict policy against racism, discrimination, and hate speech of any kind. We are committed to removing any content (posts, comments, profile photos) or behavior that violates this policy. Furthermore, members who engage in this behavior will be subject to temporary or permanent removal from MyPetsWelcome. Learn more about our policies and how MyPetsWelcome users can help make their communities more inclusive, both online and offline:

Before posting something that could be interpreted as racist or discriminatory, ask yourself:

1. How would you feel if someone directed this statement at you personally, your child, parent, or significant other?
2. Is this a statement or point of view that you would share at work, in your place of worship, or in a city meeting?
3. Would you state your comment in person to the individual or group of people you are referring to?

Please behave the same way on MyPetsWelcome that you would in these face-to-face conversations with people you care about. Our goal is to create and enhance community!

If you see a post or comment that you believe is discriminatory or racist in nature, please follow these steps to report it. If you see a post from a neighbor whose behavior is discriminatory or racist, please follow these steps to report the individual.

This behavior includes, but is not limited to racism, discrimination, insults, hate speech, violence, threats, and targeting marginalized communities. Learn more about these policies here.

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