We believe in the value of small businesses.

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We love pets & travel

Welcome to Revill Community Apps. 

Yes – we love pets and travel. Five years ago, I started a pet platform – MyPetsProfile™. It helps pet parents secure a pet-friendly home in a rapidly challenging housing market. The MPP platform inspired several other platforms including, MyPetsWelcome™, MyPetsTravel™, PetChatR™ and more to come. 

Stacey is an amazing Nutritionist and Women’s Wellness Coach. With 15+ years using several coaching platforms along the way, we were inspired to help others with the challenges of building a business. 

We love small business and work hard. But we equally enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. Together, we developed an efficient model to recreate cost-effective Community App platforms, so other businesses can thrive in their area of expertise and interests. 

We now build Community Apps for any size business and budget. 

And… Revill Community Apps was born.

Revill is where any type of business can have a specialized cost-effective community App.

Large or small, industry specific or special interests, we’ve developed the App platform that can effectively deliver to the community that means the most to you.

It's a better world when you can bring people, and organizations together with common interests. 

The Community network

Users turn to your community daily to receive trusted information, give and get help, get things done, and build real-world connections with those that mean most to them — colleagues, clients, customers, businesses and services.

We believe connecting with others is a universal human need. That truth, and the reality that people gravitate to like-minded interests and people, have been the guiding principles for Revill since the beginning.

Connecting the community

We recognize that thriving communities are made up of the customers, clients, colleagues and organizations. Together, they build a stronger, more vibrant, and resilient community.

Colleagues — Connect with topics you know, or those you have yet to learn.

Businesses — Instantly reach your most loyal customers with likeminded interests — and become a trusted part of the community.

Specialized Services — Engage with the people who need you most, and find support from your specialized services.

News Services — Share critical, real-time relevant information directly at the community level.

Large brands — Provide hyper-targeted relevant products and services that improve each community’s daily lives.

How we’re different

Trust — We ensure your users are relevant to your community. 

Specialized perspective — Whether your specialized community App users need to find a local professional or advice about a new job in the industry, your specialized community can help — and you can reach out to them instantly.

Proximity — You’re automatically connected to everyone with similar interests, so you can build real connections with likeminded people and businesses.

A global community

Revill Community Apps bring people together around the world with similiar interests.

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