Use your true identity

The Community Guidelines describe behaviors that are and are not allowed on MyPetsWelcome. Violations of these guidelines may result in removal of content or loss access to MyPetsWelcome. 

MyPetsWelcome is built on trust — we want everyone to know they’re communicating with their real neighbor, and therefore ask you to use your true identity.  

  1. Real names
  2. Real addresses
  3. Your profile and photo

Real names

MyPetsWelcome’s Member Agreement requires that every neighbor use their full, real name when signing up on MyPetsWelcome. By real name, we mean the first name that you use when introducing yourself to neighbors, friends, and colleagues and your legal last name.


  • Using a nickname, initials, or shortened version of your name as the first name on your account, as long as it’s the name you are known by in the community and not an attempt to obscure your real first name. E.g. If you are known as Bradsy or Coach, it would be acceptable for you to use either name rather than  John B Smith, the name on your birth certificate.  

Not Permitted

  • Using the name of your business or organization as your account name. Business and service information should be added to the About Me section of your personal profile or included on your business page.
  • Including professional titles or educational degrees in your name.
  • Adding emoji to your name.

Neighbors can use privacy setting options to abbreviate their real last names.

Real addresses

MyPetsWelcome aims to provide a safe, online space where neighbors can discuss the types of things they’d share in person. To facilitate this sense of trust, membership in a neighborhood is available only to those that reside in or own a home in the community. We require that all neighbors verify their address.


  • Registering a personal profile at the address of a home you rent.
  • Registering a personal profile at the address of a home you own.
  • Registering a personal profile at the address of a second home you own.
  • Registering a personal profile at the address of rental properties you own.

Not Permitted

  • Registering a personal profile at a business or organizational address.
  • Registering a personal profile at an address other than your own.
  • Registering at a P.O. Box, or other mailing address.
  • Registering at an address in a neighborhood you are considering moving to.

Your profile and photo

One of MyPetsWelcome’s goals is to encourage more connections between neighbors in real life. That’s why adding your profile photo and completing your profile are so important.

Sharing a recent photo and information about yourself on your profile helps strengthen these connections and builds a sense of community. This also helps your neighbors connect you to your presence on MyPetsWelcome when they encounter you on the street, in a park, or at a community meeting. 


  • Using an alternative, representative profile photo as long as it is appropriate for a general audience.
  • Not using a profile photo.
  • Not completing your profile, or only adding limited information for privacy reasons.
  • Updating your profile privacy settings to hide your street number.

Not Permitted

  • Using a profile photo that is inappropriate or intimidating.
  • Using a profile photo that you do not have the rights to.
  • Using a profile photo that is offensive.
  • Using a profile photo that is promotional
  • Using an incorrect address to hide your real street name on your profile. See our policy on Real addresses.

Tip: Profile fields, except for street name, are optional. You may post only information that you are comfortable sharing. No one will be removed from MyPetsWelcome for not completing their profile, but it’s more neighborly to add as much information to your profile as you feel comfortable sharing! 

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