How to create a business post


All businesses who have claimed and verified a Business Page on MyPetsWelcome will have access to Business Posts. Claim your page. 

With Business Posts, businesses can post to the neighborhood newsfeed to share updates, crowdsource for requests and feedback, and draw in new customers. Neighbors can identify Business Posts by a message at the top of the post indicating the post was authored by a local business, and can react and reply to posts to engage 1:1 with the business. 

Coming soon – Learn more about how to indicate that your business offers takeout or delivery and giftcards. 

Best practices

    To keep neighbors engaged with your posts, share something new every time you post.
    Introduce yourself and your staff, and share your business story to help neighbors connect to your business.
    Visuals help bring Business Posts to life, and attract the attention in the newsfeed.

For more information, tips, and resources, visit our business resource center. 

How to post

Now that you have inspiration for what to post, following these steps to create your first post:

  1. Log in to your claimed MyPetsWelcome Business Page (Content created through neighbor accounts is a violation of MyPetsWelcome guidelines and will be removed). 
  2. Head to the Posts tab of your business page.
  3. Select + sign next to ‘Create Post‘ and click  ‘Create Post‘.
  4. Enter a title which describes the post, followed by a detailed description.
  5. We’ll show you a preview of your post. Select “view post”to preview how your post will appear in the neighborhood newsfeed.

While you can now post into local neighborhoods, neighborhood conversations will remain private to neighbors only. If a neighbor interacts with your Business Post you will receive an email notification and will be able to view and respond to their comment from the Posts tab of your Business Page.

Neighbors can also reach you via direct message. View your messages and reply from the “Inbox” tab of your business page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Business Posts show up in the neighborhood newsfeed?
Business posts will show up in the newsfeed amongst neighbor posts and updates. A business post will have a square profile photo. If there are several business posts in the newsfeed at one time, the posts will consolidate into a “Business Post roll up”. 

How many posts can my business share?
Businesses can post as often as they see fit.

I deleted my post, can I have a replacement post?
Unfortunately once you delete a post it’s gone forever and will still count against your post count. To correct any mistakes, use the “Edit” feature from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your post.

What types of posts receive the most engagement?
Posts that are community-focused, kind, and informative will receive more engagement than explicitly commercial posts. See above for examples. 

How many neighbors can I reach with my post?
The number of neighbors you reach will depend on the size of your neighborhood and how many neighbor you have following your business.

Can I create ads on MyPetsWelcome from my business page?
If your target customers live locally, within 30 miles of your business, you can access our advertising tools directly from your business profile. Get started today or learn more about how to reach new and existing customers with local advertising on MyPetsWelcome

My business doesn’t have access to this feature, how do I verify my business to gain access?
Please visit here to learn how to verify your business account to gain access to the business posting feature

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